Pender Booster Club Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, October 19, 2016



Ron Williams, Matt Torczon, Shane Schuster, Penny Bruns, Nicole Rutar, Terry Mailloux, Karri Cadwallader,  Mandy Johnson, Mark and Tara English and Paula Bonneau


Treasurer’s Report:

Penny Bruns reviewed the current balance in the Booster Account and reported that there are no outstanding bills at this time.


Football Tailgate/Grill:

Football tailgate was discussed with the possibility of a play-off game.  Item was tabled until more information was available.


Youth Volleyball League:

Paula updated the Booster Club with regards to the youth volleyball league.  Penny reviewed concession stand and gate information.


Gym Pads:

Discussion was held regarding the gym pads.  Penny made a motion and Mandy seconded that the school order the mats that they want with a space saying “Donated by Pender Booster Club”.  Motion carried.  Tara made a motion and Penny seconded that the Booster Club pay for the entire cost of the mats.  Motion carried.


Basketball League:

Basketball league was discussed.  During the discussion, Ron Williams submitted his resignation as the basketball league coordinator.  Mandy volunteered to take over Ron’s duties.  Discussion was also held with regards to the Pender students paying the registration fee to participate in the basketball league this year.   Tara made a motion and Paula seconded that Pender students will pay the registration fee to participate in the 2017 basketball league.  Motion carried.


March Blowout:

The dates for the 2017 March Blowout have been set as March 17, 18, and 19.


Booster Donor Idea:

Discussion was held regarding donors and membership to the Pender Booster Club.  Penny made a motion and Tara seconded that the item be tabled for future discussion.


Electronic Boards:

A discussion was held regarding the possibility of going to electronic record boards.  Due to lack of motion, the item was dismissed.  It was moved by Ron and seconded by Matt that the current record board be updated all at once.  Motion carried.


Other Business:

Discussion was held in regards to the school concession stand and the need for a new microwave and a garbage disposal.  Paula made a motion and Matt seconded it that the Booster Club pay for the purchase of a new microwave and garbage disposal.  Motion carried.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.