Pender Booster Club Meeting Minutes – December 14th, 2016



Matt Torczon, Mandy Johnson, Shane Schuster, Kevin and Paula Bonneau, and Penny Bruns


Treasurer’s Report:

Penny updated everyone on the balance and outstanding bills that need to be paid.  Bills to be paid are to the school for the “Election Night” meal in the amount of $117.85 and to the school for the purchase of the gym pads in the amount of $5,639.00. 


Basketball League:

Mandy informed the attendees that there are 29 teams for the basketball league.  Twelve 3rd and 4th grade girls teams, four 3rd and 4th grade boys teams, ten 5th and 6th grade girls teams, and 3 5th and 6th grade boys team.  Games will start at 11:30 with the last games starting at 5:30.  Due to Kid Dragon Wrestling there will be no basketball league on February 12th.


Donation Levels:

This item will be revisited in the future to coincide with the school year.


Gym Pads:

The gym pads are to be delivered this week.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 11, 2017.