Pender Booster Club Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, August 10, 2016



Mandy Johnson, Matt Torczon, Shane Schuster, Penny Bruns, Tammy Bodlak, Nicole Rutar, Terry Mailloux, Mark and Tara English, Connie Vogt,  and Paula Bonneau


Treasurer’s Report:

Penny Bruns reviewed the current balance in the Booster Account and reported that there are no outstanding bills at this time.


Football Tailgate:

A discussion was held on continuing the tailgate at the home football games.  A motion was made by Mandy and seconded by Tara to continue the tailgate at home football games.  Chris Brader will order the items from Cubby’s and he and Matt Torczon will start grilling on Friday, August 26 and Mandy Johnson and Penny Bruns will help run the tailgate.  English’s will help on the September 16th and the 30th.  Ron will check pricing for a new grill.


Youth Volleyball League:

Paula Bonneau informed the Boosters that the youth volleyball league will be on Sunday, September 25, October 2, 9, 16, and the 23rd which will be the league tournament.  Registration fees were discussed.  It was moved by Shane and seconded by Penny that registration fee be $20.00 per player with an extra $10.00 per player if a shirt it ordered.  Penny will handle scheduling of gate and concessions.


Fan of the Year:

Discussion was held regarding ‘Fan of the Year’.  It was decided that a list go out at the conclusion of each sport to its participates for recommendations.  All members present agreed.


Gym Pads:

A motion was made by Paula and seconded by Mandy that the Booster Club purchase new wall pads for the gym.  Motion carried.  Mandy will work on getting designs.


Board Members:

Ron Williams resigned as Vice President.  A motion was made by Penny and seconded by Mark English to appoint Shane Schuster as Vice President and that all of existing officers remain is place.  All members agreed. 


Other Business:

Discussion was held regarding a donation to the basketball teams for their work during the youth basketball league and March Blowout.  Item was tabled.


A motion was made by Paula and seconded by Matt to provided water at the conclusion of the PTO’s Fun Run on Sunday, August 28.  Motion carried.


Back to School open house was discussed.  It was decided to grill hot dogs as a light meal.  Paula, Kevin Bonneau, Nicole Rutar, Matt T. and Matt Bruns will help set up, cook, and serve.


Penny showed everyone the ‘Thanks Yous’ that had been purchased and that will be sent out to all donors for March Blowout.


A request was made to purchase an L screen for the baseball field at a cost of $380.00.  A motion was made by Connie and seconded by Terry to purchase the L screen.  Motion carried.


There was a request to purchase the paint for the foot prints from the school to the football field.  A motion was made by Tara and seconded by Mandy to purchase the paint.  Motion carried.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.