Pender Booster Club Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, April 6, 2016



Matt Torzon, Penny and Matt Bruns, Mandy Johnson, and Paula Bonneau


Treasurer’s Report:

Penny Bruns reviewed the current balance in the Booster Account after the completion of March Blowout.  There are still a few outstanding bills that need to be paid for March Blowout as well as the Science Fair meal.


March Blowout:

A short discussion was held regarding March Blowout.  Suggestions are that omelets need to be at least $4.00 each.  Penny also shared that Andy Welsh has agreed to do the program again next year with the school printing them on an as needed basis.  It was also suggested that maybe Andy and his class would possibly to the player passes and print them as well.  Other suggestions were an additional dumpster, towels for spills and the possibility of a Pepsi corporate sponsorship.  Suggestions were tabled until next year.


Athletic Banquet:

The annual Pender Athletic Banquet is Wednesday, May 11, 2016.  A motion was made by Penny and seconded by Mandy that the Booster Club provides the meal again this year.  Motion carried.  Paula volunteered to get prices and order the food.


Fan of the Year:

Nominations of ‘Fan of the Year’ were discussed.  Matt volunteered to send out an email to all Booster members to get nominations and finalize the decision process.


Other Business:

Paula provided information on getting a Sam’s Club membership for the Booster Club as a non-profit 501C3.  Paula made a motion to get a membership and Penny seconded.  Motion carried.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be scheduled at a later date.