Present: Tara & Mark English,Tara and Mark English, Corbet and Shari Dorsey, Matt Torczon, Mandy Johnson, Penny Bruns, Ron and Karen Williams, Connie Felber, Quinn Kneifl, Emma Kubik, Jason Dolliver, Shane Shuster, Kevin and Paula Bonneau


Treasurer’s Report:

Penny Bruns reviewed the current balance in the Booster Account after the completion of the youth basketball league.  Donations to the Post Prom Committee as well as the Pendragon Wrestling Program were discussed.  Connie Felber made a motion to give $1,500 to the Post Prom Committee and Mandy Johnson seconded it.  Motion carried.  Emma Kubik made a motion to give the Pendragon Wrestling Program a donation of $250 and Tara English seconded it.  Motion carried.


March Blowout:

Ron Williams updated everyone that we have 55 teams registered for the tournament which caps the tournament for teams.


March Blowout Gate:

Shane Shuster updated the group that the Pender Football team along with coaches and parents will be manning the gate for the tournament.  Discussion was made regarding a donation to the football team.  It was moved by Connie Felber and seconded by Quinn Kneifl that we donate $750 to the Pender Football team.  Motion carried.


March Blowout Giveaways:

Mandy Johnson presented prices for the draw string bags that will be given to each registered player at the tournament.  It was moved by Ron Williams and seconded by Kevin Bonneau that 600 bags be ordered for the tournament.  Motion carried.


March Blowout Programs:

Penny Bruns then updated the group on the advertising sales for the programs and the Pender High School Media Class is working to get it completed.


Request from Kelly Ballinger:

Matt Torczon presented a request from Elementary Principal Kelly Ballinger to help cover the expense for milk that the children receive during the school day.  The Booster Club has been asked for $273 to cover this expense.  A motion was made by Connie Felber and seconded by Emma Kubik to pay this expense.  Motion carried.


Science Fair:

Paula Bonneau then requested approval for providing a light meal to the attendees of the Science Fair which will be held on Thursday, March 17, 2016.  It was moved by Kevin Bonneau and seconded by Mark English to provide a light meal for the Science Fair.  Motion carried.  Melissa Hansen volunteered to take care of it.


Next Meeting:

The next meeting was not set as this time.