Present: Emma Kubuik, Connie Felber, Quinn Kneifl, Shane & Bev Schuester, Ron Williams, Penny Bruns, Corbet & Shari Dorsey, Mandy Johnson, Matt Torczon, Kevin & Paula Bonneau


Treasurer's Report: Penny Bruns reviewed the current balance in the Booster Account which included basketball league registration but did not have concession expensions deducted.


Discussion was heald on the record board.  Ron informed the group that the volleyball and football record boards needed to be updated.  The cost will be appx. $,1300.  It was voted to approve the purchase of the updated record boards.


Penny shared that concession income seemed to be down for basketball league but thought maybe the weather was a contributing factor.  Ron discussed the change for the 3rd and 4th grade division defense behind the 3 point arc.  He has had positive feedback and seems to think it is a good change.  Discussion was held regarding paying the referees out of the concesssion stand money.  Motion made by Penny and seconded by Kevin to pay referees from concession money.  Motion carried.


Each committee chair updated the group on the progress and needs for the March Blowout Tournament.


Next meeting 2/10/16