Minutes November 11, 2015



Mark & Tara English, Jason & Apryl Dolliver, Penny Bruns, Mandy Johnson, Ron Williams, Matt Torczon, Dorcey's, Shane Schuster and Paula Bonneau


Treasurer's Report:

Penny Bruns reviewed the current balance in the Booster account as well as shared an overview of the income and expenses for the Youth Volleyball League.  Penny also explained the process that expenses are paid.  She then requested that a debit card be ordered for Paula Bonneau to purchase items for the conession stand.  Tara English made a motion and Shane Schuester seconded to go ahead and order a debit card for Paula.


Band Instruments:

Ron Williams informed memebers that he would be issuing a check for the purchase of the previously approved valve trombones.


Youth Basketball League:

Ron Williams reviewed information for the upcoming Youth league.  Bruns' and Bonneaus will be in charge of getting the concession stand ready and the post prom parents/students will work.  Jason Dolliver will contact Pepsi to see abotu getting another cooler for the drinks.  Score clocks will be ran by the high school basketball players.  Referrees will be scheduled by Ron & Mark.  A motion was made by Mandy and seconded by Shane to pay the non-volunteer referees $20/game.  Registration fees were discussed.  Paula made a motion sedoned by Ron that there will be a $20 registration fee/player and no shirts will be included.  It was also decided that the Pender participants will not be assessed the fee the same as in previous years.  The league will begin on Sunday, January 10th witht he league tournament to be held on February 14th.


Next Meeting:

Wednesday December 9th.  The March Blowout Tournament will be slated for discussion and designation of committees.