October 7, 2015 minutes



Paula Bonneau, Tara English, Ron Williams, Mandy Johnson, Shane Schuster, Bev Schuster, Matt Torczon, Quinn Kneifl, Connie Felber, Kevin Bonneau, Shellie Anderson


Treasurer's Report:

Matt gave the report in Penny's absence with the deposits made fromt he first week of Youth Volleyball League:

    Registration:  $3660.00

    Gate:  $257.00

    Concessions:  $1241.97



Volunteers are needed for the last home football game.  Chris Brader will have the hamburgers and brats and Ron will have other supplies.  Kevin & Paula Bonneau, Mark & Tara English and Mandy Johnson will work.



Ron shared a request that had been received from Andrea Hansen to pay for the meal for the Teammates recognition at the football game.  It was decided the Booster Club would pay for half of the meal for the mentors and mentees.


Liability Insurance:

Matt Torczon gave quotes on liability insurance for the 501c3.  After discussion, it was decided to wait and talk with Tammy Bodlak regarding the insurance requirements.


Youth Volleyball League:

Paula Bonneau updated everyone on the league with the first week in the books.


Then next meeting will be hold on Wednesday November 11, 2015