Matt Torczon, Penny Bruns, Haley Haymart, Ron Williams, Kellen Conroy, Kevin & Paula Bonneau, Jaima Geisert, Jason & Apryl Dolliver, Shane Schuster, Leslie Timm, Connie Felber, Terry Mailloux, Sonya Kelly, Connie Vogt, Quinn Kneifl, Mandy Johnson


Booster Accounts:

With the 501c3, a new checking account will be established.  Penny Bruns will get this account set up as treasurer of the Booster Club


Voting Rights:

It has been established that due of $1.00/year will give the Booster members voting rights



Volunteers are still needed to help run the tailgate at the home football game.  Chris Brader will get the hamburgers and brats and Mandy Johnson, Penny Bruns & Paula Bonneau will work the first home game on September 4th.


Treasurer's Report:

Ron Williams listed the contributions that have been made form March 30, 2015 to current with a current account balance of $10,979.00


Current Contributions:

   FFA Calendar   $50.00

   Weight Room Record Board  $600.00

   Pretzel Warmer  $600.00

   Website Annual Admin Cost  $200.00

   Website (Yahoo) annual  $132.00

  General Operating Supplies  $87.00

   Plaque (Paul Thomsen)  $280.00

  Athletic Night Appreciation Dinner  $854.00

  Co-Cost Sheds @ ballfield  $1700.00

  Concession Food (Rec-SSC Rec for VB Tourney & League)  $250.00

  School Appreciation Night  $650.00


  Pending Commitements:

    NESA Board & Record Updates  $600.00

   Timers (FB-Track)   $1200.00

   Replace Wrestling Board  $600.00


This leaves an available balance of $8579.00


Volleyball League: 

Paula Bonneau shared the registration fee changes for this year and current teams that have committed to play.  Currently thereare four 3/4th grade teams and six 5/6th grade teams.  After previously talking with Melissa Hansen, the high school volleyball girls will volunteer to ref and run score clocks.  Paula then requested help with gate, concession stand and fill in where needed.


Club Volleyball Tournamanet:

Haley Haymart announced that Pender would be hosting a volleyball tournament for 4th-8th graders on Saturday, October 10, 2015.'


Music Booster:

A request came for the purchase of 2 valve trombuones by Mr. Dregall.  The Booster club voted to apporve the purchase at a cost of approximately $2600.00


Wakefield Booster Cook Off:

The boosters have been invited to participate in the Wakefield Booster Club Cook Off on Saturday, Sept. 12th.  The request has been declined due to lack of availability of members to participate.


Paint Request:

Terry Mailloux informed the group of a tradition that has been going on for years which is painting the path to the football field.  He requested the Boosters purchase the paint for the path.  The Booster club voted to approve the purchase of paint at a cost of $76.00


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, october 7th in the cafeteria.