December 9, 2015 meeting minutes


Present: Bev & Shane Schuster, Jason Colliver, Shari & Corbet Dorsey, Penny Bruns, Matt Torczon, Kevin & Paula Bonneau, Ron Williams


Treasurer's Report:

Penny Bruns reviewed the current balance in the Booster account as well as shared that all bills are paid to date.


March Blowout:

Committees were established for the tournament as follows:

     Registration Table: Mandy Johnson, Karen Williams, Tara English, Hayley Haymart

     Programs (Advertising)/Door Prizes:  Penny Bruns, Matt Torczon

     Gate:  Schane Schuster

     Concessions:  Kevin & Paula Bonneau, Melissa Hansen, Rhonda Heise

     Team Registration:  Ron Williams, Chris Brader, Terry Mailloux, Mark English

     Hospitality Room:  Connie Fleber, Emma Kubik

    Floaters:  Matt Bruns, Matt Torczon

     Referees:  Ron Williams, Terry Mailloux, Chris Brader, Mark English

     Clock/Score Table:  Ron Williams, Terry Mailloux, Chris Brader, Mark English

    Omelets:  Mike & Kim Hoffmeister

     Lou's Sporitng Goods:  Karen Williams


General tournament information as follows:

     Dates:  March 18-20, 2015

     Registration:  $75 for team of 10, additional players after 10 are $5 per player

    Gate Admission:  $3 for 5 years and older

     Referees:  $20/game

     Team Photos:  Ryan Elrod

     Tournament Photos:  Carrie Mailloux


Basketball League:

Ron shared current information regarding the youth basketball league.  There are seven 3/4th grade girls teams and ten 5/6th grade girls teams.  At this time there are three 3/4th grade boys teams and three 5/6th grade boys teams.  League will begin on Sunday, Janauary 10th, 2015 and the league tournament will be on Saturday February 13th, 2015 and Sunday February 14th, 2015


Next Meeting:

Wednesday January 13th following PTO