Terry Mailloux, Ron Williams, Matt Torczon, Mandy Johnson, Kevin & Paula Bonneau, Penny Bruns, Connie Vogt


Treasurer's Report:

Current balance in account is $5,840


We need to sell $1776 in shirts to break even on the $3796 in invoices for shirt sales.


Volleyball Tournament:

Last year's concessions were $1,500, this year we had $1,700 in concession sales.  Our net gain for the tournament was $2482 versus $2191 in 2013. 


We did not have Tshirt sales this year so we did not receive the kickback ($500 last year) from Lou's.


Booster club will net 1250 for the day after splitting concession, registration and gate with Club Volleyball. 



We had $140 profit from the first tailgate, however many up front costs for meat and etc were taken out and we should have a greater profit after the homecoming game on October 3rd.


Record Boards:

Ron has the updates for these and cost is $1075.


We have not received additional information from the school for the ACT Board.


Volleyball League:

Last year this profited about 600-800 per day on average.


A discussion was held on getting enough manpower to cover concessions and gate during volleyball legue.


Sometimes at the tournament it seemed we had too many people because there was no set schedule.


Penny Bruns will get with the volleyball girls parents to establish a schedule.  We will have 3 people in the concessions and 2 boosters at the gate (one of which can float to concessions if needed). 


We will establish a rotation for set up for drinks and etc on Saturday night or Sunday morning for league to start.  Ron & Karen will cover the first week. 


Paula will do the taco meat for the concession stand


Pender clothing:

We have been selling it for several weeks now so it was voted to no longer take exchanges for those who ordered Dragon clothing but would prefer the Pendragon logo.  If they would like the other logo, they will need to order a new shirt as there has been ample time for exchange and also all order forms and initial clothing that was purchased was with the Dragon logo accepted. 


Homecoming Tailgate:

Kevin, Paula & Penny will work the tailgate again.  Mandy will sell shirts.  Chris will be there for a bit to help with set up. 


501(c)(3) non profit:

The new PTO is considering applying for 501(c)(3) status.  They would like to partner with the Boosters on this endeavor.  A discussion was held and a vote taken and it was decided to move forward with the application if/when we are approached. 


Mandy volunteered to help with the application and to obtain the paperwork that would be necessary and research application fees.


Next meeting:

Sunday October 26th @ 6:00 pm in the school cafeteria