Steph Luedert, Emma Kubik, Penny Bruns, Hayley Haymart, Melissa Hansen, Connie Felber, Dana Beckman, Jen Putnam, Kevin & Paula Bonneau, Mandy Johnson, Kelly Ballinger, Ron Williams, Matt Torczon, Terry & Carri, Mailloux, Chris Brader, Derwin Roberts and Connie Vogt



  First home game is Friday September 12th.

  Chris Brader, Ron & Karen Williams will handle getting the meat, buns, supplies and etc.

 There are tables and the cheese machine  to be picked up from Jill Anderson's house.

  Ron, Chris, Terry & Matt will get set up and start grilling.  Dana, Penny and Matt Bruns will take over when they need to go run chains and announce the game.  Neal Kubik has volunteered to help at future games but will be out of town on the 12th.

  Mandy will be at the game to sell shirts. 

  Ron will have money bags ready to go. 


Volleyball tournament on September 13th:

  Club volleyball is hosting a tournament on the 13th.  We need people to work the gate and concessions.

      Williams and Bonneaus will be in charge of concessions.  Others will be needed to help work (Hayley passed around a sign up sheet and members signed up to work when they could)

      Mandy will work gate from 7:45 until Dana comes sometime after noon. 


   The proceeds of the tournament will be split 50/50 between the boosters and club volleyball program.


Volleyball league:

     Starts the first Sunday in October.  Hayley will be sending out a google doc to everyone to sign up for times they can work gate and concessions.  We need people to step up and help with this. 



      We have approximately $6700 in the account.  We've sold $2291 in shirts and hats and have $3600 worth of invoices for the shirts with inventory on hand to sell.  We donated $500 to staff shirts and $192 for the Team Mates banner.  The cost of food for the open house was $300.



Due to volleyball league approaching and the Library fundraiser the first week in October, our next meeting will be on September 24th at 7:00pm