August 6th, 2014 meeting at Pender School Cafeteria


Present: Matt Torczon, Ron & Karen Williams, Kevin and Paula Bonneau, Connie Vogt, Kelly Ballinger, Mandy Johnson

Those who contacted Matt and couldn't attend were Hayley Haymart, Penny Bruns (who will take over treasurer duties), Neal Kubik (who has agreed to help wtih tailgating during football season) and Mark English (who will help at tailgates this fall as well)


Treasurers report: Ron handed out the final financials from March Blow Out.  Current balance is $5,699.82.

School open house:

We will be serving hotdogs and pork. 

Ron will pick up hotdogs, buns and chips. 

Connie will get donations for water and Matt will talk to Melissa about doing the pork. 

Anyone who can help should be there at 5:15.



Ron has 150 hamburgers purchased from Summer Rec. 

The first home game isn't until September 12th. 

Chris Brader has agreed to pick up hamburgers again this year and Karen will pick up the buns. 

Neal Kubik, Matt Bruns and Mark English have agreed to help cook for tailgating. 


ACT Achievement board:

The purchase of a new board was approved to honor those with high ACT scores as requested by Mr. Miller.



We have a few items on hand of the new designs.

We will be selling them at the open house.

Mandy will handle sales at home football games and most home volleyball games.



Will need to get information from Hayley about volleyball league or club volleyball and also tournament details.


School faculty shirts:

A request was made by Mr. Miller to help with the cost of this years faculty shirts.  It was approved to pay half the cost of the shirts up to $500 for staff this year. 


Next meeting will be on September 3rd at 7:00 pm in the school lunchroom.