Treasures Report (Ron Williams):  We have a current balance of $5,100


Bills Paid:  All bills have been paid except one.  The Custom medals for the Blowout have already been paid for


Requests Approved:  The request from District Wrestling has been approved.  Also, Post Prom will be receiving $1,500 and the Student Council will receive $500





Andrea Hansen: TeamMates Mentoring Program:  This program will start in the Fall of 2014.  It will involve all students grades 4-12.  TeamMates is looking for a letter of recommendation from the Boosters as well as $168 for two banners.  They would also like us to assist with an omelette feed on April 26th that will run in conjunction with the volleyballl tourney and Carol Smith run.  Tom Osborne will be attending the school on either August 18th or 19th to speak about the benefits of the Program to parents.


Northeast Nebraska Basketball League Results


P&L Report:  Alfter all expenses were paid, the Boosters cleared $6,308.93


Feedback from League:  It was decided to keep the tournament on one weekend.  We also need to send questionnaires to all coaches inviting their feedback on ways to improve the league.


Next Year:  We will raise the gate to $2.




Number of Teams:  We have 47 teams registered at this point.  The brackets will be figured out shortly.


Custom Medals Update:  They have been ordered and will arrive two days before the tournament.


Tournament Shirt Update:  The logo has been decided.  The link to order the shirts is on the website.  The only way to get a number and name on the shirt is to pre-order online.  If you wait until the shirts are in, you will only be able to get a name on the back.  Matt T. will send an e-mail for shirt sizes to those who plan on working the tournament.  If someone would like a sweatshirt, they can order that, but will pay the difference.


Custom Balls Update:  We will NOT have these at the Blowout.  They will not be completed before the tournament.  After discussion, It was agreed that we should look at having towels again.  Ron will check on the cost of this and see if it can be done.


Lou's Sports Update:  Lou's has generously agreed to increase their donation from $500 to $600 this year for the Blowout.


Pretzel Maker:  Terry M. brought forth the idea to purchase a pretzel warmer to be used during the volleyball and basketball leagues.  The cost of this would be approximately $586.00.  After discussion, it was approved to purchase.


Thriftique:  They will be offering a luch on Saturday during the Blowout.  They would like to promote the lunch by having a couple of signs around the school stating that all proceeds will go to the United Church Bell Choir.  After discussion, it was determined that since the Thriftique will be donating all money raised by this lunch, they can have approval to place two signs at the school advertising this.


Appreciation Night:  It was brought before the group that after the Blowout, the Boosters should have an Appreciation night to thank all of the Boosters who have graciously donated time to help out in all aspects.  We would pick a local establishment and provide food and soda to all of those who wish to attend. 


MARCH 19TH IS THE NEXT MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!