Those present

Ron & Karen Williams

Aaron Rabbass

Emma Kubik

Kelly Ballinger

Terry Mailloux

Connie Vogt

Marty Prokop

Trudy Kramer

Mark English

Kevin & Paula Bonneau

Matt Torczon

Waldo Luedert



Treasurer's Report

    We have $4,341 in the account and will be donating $1100 to the volleyball club when they need it for their help with the tournament.

    The volleyball tournament cleared $2200 for the one day tourney.

    Football tailgate cleared $800 this year.

    the volleyball league cleared $4000

    After the first weekend of the Sunday basketball league, the gate grossed $422, concessions grossed $1213, Registration is at $4805 with $600 still coming in.

    Total spent on the Sunday league so far is $1550 and we still need to pay for the shirts.


Sunday Basketball league


    Jane Svoboda will be taking pictures this weekend.

    We still need to purchase medals

    The tournament will be taking place on Feb 8th & 9th.  There was a conflict with district wrestling and kid dragon wrestling on the 16th, so that is the reason for the move.

    All that helped on the first weekend feel that everything ran smoothly.

    We are going to offer teams that are involved with the league a $10 discount on registration for the March Blowout.


March Blowout

    The dates of the Blowout will be March 21,22,23.  This is to avoid a conflict with Boys State basketball

    The complete information will be up on this website soon.

    Committee members will be finalized at the next meeting.  Connie Felber has agreed to head the hospitality room again.

    The shirt logo has been approved and the shirt color was decided as charcoal gray.

    We will be doing custom basketballs again which Ron will order.  We will offer 50 for sale and 50 for prizes..

    Kinko's will do the player passes again and Kelly Ballinger will handle the door prizes.

    Matt T will assist Derwin with the advertising sales.


The next meeting is scheduled for Feb 12th at 7pm at the school