Agenda for Wednesday 12/11/2013 Meeting


Treasurers Report (Ron Williams): 

We have $5,400 in the account and we still owe $3,300 for the sprinklers.  We will pay this off next week which will leave the Boosters with $2,100.

We also need to pay the volleyball league as well. 


Northeast Nebraska Basketball League:

We have 28 teams signed up so we are full.  Ron will have a schedule done by the 18th of December that will go out to the coaches.  We are also considering putting the schedule on the website so that coaches can check periodically.The league will start on January5th and the regular season will end on the 2nd of February (5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and 2nd.)  We are planning on the tournament starting the 9th and finishing on the 16th.


Committee Reports:

Registration and Scheduling (Ron Williams)  Ron is going to make sure that everything is lined up with the school.

Concession Stand (Dan & Tammy Bodlak, Kevin & Paula Bonneau)  Jill and Karen will offer direction as to how this will be set up and taken down.  Ron will have starter cash for the concessions.  This committee will need to work with Jill and Karen.

Setup and Cleanup of gyms (Charles & Quinn Kneifl, Matt & Leslie Timm, Dana Beckman, Steph & Waldo Luedert) The Pender teams in the league will assist with this as part of having their entry fee paid.  Someone will be there the first day to show this committee what needs to be done.

Gate (Trudy Kramer, Marty Prokop, Rhonda Heise, Mandy Johnson) This committee will need to work with Clay Haymart or Lisa Maise on how the student council can assist with gate.  Ron will have the starter cash for this.

Scorekeepers & Clock (Matt Torczon, Melissa Hansen, Chris Brader)  This committee will be working with the boys & girls basketball teams to make sure that there are players assigned to help cover. We also need to make sure that we have an extra clock on hand. 

Referee Coverage (Terry Mailloux, JJ Maise, Mark English, Larry Ballinger) Terry has this handled.


March Blowout:

It was voted that we will raise the registration for the Blowout to $75 (was $60).  Teams that are participating in the Northeast Nebraska Basketball League will get a discount of $10 by registering for the Blowout within the first two weeks of the league. 


Clothing Update:

Connie notified that we do have all of the clothing that was pre-purchased but she is having difficulty distributing all of this.  She asked for assistance with the distribution of this clothing.  Marty and Karen agreed to help.  We also have one box of new inventory that can be sold.  Mandy Johnson suggested that we place a table at the wrestling meet on the 12th.  She and Karen will handle this.  We will also look to set up a table at next weeks home basketball games.