Pender Booster Club

Agenda for Monday 10/28/2013 Meeting




7:00pm @ the Pender Public School


Those present:

Ron Williams

Kelly Ballinger

Terry Mailloux

Carri Mailloux

Chris Brader

Connie Vogt

Haley Haymart

Stephanie Leudert

Quinn Kniefl

Matt Torczon

Denise Anderson

Jaima Geisert

Trudy Kramer

Jill Anderson

Mark English

Matt Felber

Tammy Bodlack

Andrea Hansen

Dana Beckman

Kevin and Paula Bonneau

JJ Maise


Members that have expressed interest in joining but unable to attend: 

Derwin Roberts

Rhonda Heise

Melissa Hansen

Leslie Timm

Neal Kubik

Jane Jacobsen

Natalie McCauley

Mandy Johnson

Teresa Sandall


If anyone was left off, please let Denise Anderson know


Treasurers Report (Ron Williams):  Balance as of September 6, 2013 $5,510.  There is still $3,200 in shirt sales to deposit and will send off payment for this amount.  The balance for the sprinkler system will be paid by year end also, $3,000. 





  • Clothing Update – Kelly/Connie  The last order of clothing is in and has been given to Connie to disperse.   No more orders will be placed.  Suggestion was to have a table at open house at the beginning of the year similar to what was done last year.   Matt Torczon said this is something he would be willing to do for the following year.


  • Volleyball Tournament – Update  Haley Haymart gave an update on the tournament.  Everything ran smoothly.  Haley and those who helped her did a great job setting up the tournament and they hope to have more teams next year.  The goal will be to put on the same tournament in the spring.  Total profit to be split between the Booster Club and the Club volleyball program is $2,191.  This includes gate, registration, concession and vendor sales or 15% of sales from Lou’s Sports that set up a store at the tournament.  This was a one day event and was very successful.


  • Volleyball League – Update Total deposited so far in four weeks is $3,300. One more week of playoffs left.  Amy O and Trisha W have organized and ran the league so far and everything seems to be going rather smoothly.  Neither were available for an  update.


  • Treasurer position – Ron Will visit with Aaron Rabbass at the beginning of the year as he is interested in taking over this position. 


  • Tailgate Wrap up – Total made at four home football games $830.  Next year a group will need to determine if this is worth continuing as we currently do this as a service more than a fund raiser. 


  • Articles in Pender Times – Discussion concerning the articles in the paper that Matt T had submitted as well as the letter to the editor by Jason Dolliver.   These were very well written and was felt to deliver the message that was intended. 


  • Meetings – posted on sign on road/Pender times etc. Matt Torczon will work with Jason Sturek to have Booster meeting dates and times advertised in the paper going forward and Denise will talk to Rhonda Heise about updating the sign on the road.  Rhonda was not able to attend but is interested in becoming more involved. 


  • Northeast Nebraska Basketball League  -  Ron opened with discussion concerning the commitment it takes to make a league of this size work.  It takes someone to organize and schedule the events more so than getting volunteers to work a shift.  It is the ones organizing, planning and spending time outside of the event that we need to incorporate more members’ assistance to transition taking over these positions.  It’s Ron’s position, it’s Dave and Jill’s covering the concession stand, it’s the ones making the schedules, it’s the people that ensure all the pieces come together and the league runs smoothly each week. 


After much discussion it was decided that it may be best to set up committees and all new  interested members can sign up for as many as they wish to be involved in.  The core members or those who know how it has been done in the past can meet with the new committee members and relay any knowledge they have concerning how it has ran previously.  The committee can then decide how to best handle going forward.   A sign-up sheet was passed around.  Haley Haymart will put this information into a Google document and send out for those members that were not present to have a chance to join a committee as well.   It was suggested these committees may want to get together in November.  If any groups do so, be sure to respond to the mass emails with the details of the date and time so all interested parties can attend.



  1. Registration and Scheduling – Ron willing to do again this year Deadline of December 5 was given for teams to sign up
  2. Concession Stand and Cleaning up gyms - who will operate
  3. Gate - who will operate
  4. Concession Stand- (help setting up for those running it Post Prom  
  5. Getting food to school and who is willing to set up for Sunday games - Karen & Ron can continue to buy and get to the school
  6. Coverage for scorekeepers – clock operators
  7. Setting up gyms – clocks - bleachers
  8. Referee Coverage


Next meeting Wednesday December 11, 2013.  Will discuss the dates for the league, team update, and begin early conversations of March blowout.