Pender Booster Club

Meeting Notes Monday September 30




7:00pm @ the Pender Public School





Volleyball Tournament – Haylie Haymart


  • 18 teams – 10 5/6 grade, 4 7/8 grade and 4 ¾ grade
  • $70 per team, Pender teams also pay
  • 7/8 ran in a.m. with Varsity girls doing lines/score/reffing
  • 5/6 and ¾ in afternoon with the Jr. High and JV covering score/lines/reffing
  • Games start at 9 – set up begins at 8 a.m. last game scheduled for 7 pm
  • Haylie will send Google doc for sign up for concession and gate (1 gate $2 per adult, students free)
  • Karen to check with Absolute/Lou’s on setting up and also t-shirts for 1st place team in each division
  • All registrations to Ron – Haylie still waiting on a few
  • Will need electronic scoreboards
  • Haylie will make gift certificates for all coaches to receive a treat/snack from concession on Boosters


Haylie has done a great job organizing the tournament.  Be sure to see document from Haylie to sign up and share with your friends/other parents etc. 


Volleyball League – Amy Ostrand (Trisha Wegner)


  • 15 teams 8 ¾ grade, 7 5/6 grade
  • Start date Sunday October 6 – Sunday November 3 – being the tourney play
  • Game start time 1:00 – gate open at 12:30 set up for Booster helpers 12:00
  • Jane Svoboda will be there October 6 for pictures
  • Will run 3 courts
  • Varsity/JV and Jr. High will run clocks, line and ref.  Schedules are being handled by coaches
  • Boosters will handle concession and gate
    • October 6 – Gate – Karen Concession Haylie and Terry M
    • October 13 – Gate - ??????  Concession Kelly and Denise
    • October 20 – Gate - ?????? Concession possibly Haylie
    • October 27 – Gate - ?????? Concession Connie Haylie
    • November 3 – Gate ?????? Concession
    • Will need to fill in week to week on availability – again spread the word and talk to other parents/friends on helping.
  • Amy needs electronic score clocks – Ron will bring
  • Gate - $1 adults, students free
  • Medals – Amy will handle from Crown
  • T-shirts for teams – Amy will order through Stadium
  • Registration is $20 per player/coaches will give Amy 1 check on Sunday and will get to Ron or Karen October 6




Matt shared a letter in the Wakefield paper from the Wakefield Boosters and drafted a similar version for us to share in the paper.  He listed some high ticket items that Boosters have contributed to in the past.  He handed out a copy of his letter.  He requested everyone review and send him any revisions or additions by end of day Wednesday.  Matt will meet with Jason Sturek Thursday to discuss the article in the Pender Times and setting up a time to possibly interview Jason Dolliver and Ron Williams.  Also, would like to have a picture of Ron and Jason at the field with the new sprinkler system on.  Great job Matt!


Tailgates – Homecoming October 11 – Kim Hoffmeister, Amanda Huntington and Haylie Haymart will work tailgate.  Terry will be gone – need some men to cover grilling