Meeting Notes Wednesday 9/4/2013




7:00pm @ the Pender Public School


Treasurers Report (Jill Anderson):  $732


$6,000 to Jensen Sprinklers

$3,300 due to school in December




  • Clothing Update – Kelly Kelly had samples, will have clothing at the VB game Thursday.  Connie Vogt will man the table and take orders.  Connie will also help at the first home football game Friday Sept 13.   Currently have a $4,500 invoice.  We will pay the bill as we collect funds on sales and future orders. 


  • Volleyball Tournament – Hayley Haymart and the club volleyball program has approached the Boosters to work together on the tournament.  The date will be October 12.  Hayley has fliers to send out.  Deadlines for teams in September 20.  Karen will reach out to Absolute to see if they will come and do t-shirts (need minimum of 24 teams so not likely) will also talk to Lou’s.  Will need to discuss concession stand as Boosters will cover this and Hayley/club ball will cover refs, score/clock, lines etc.  Discussed all proceeds from gate, concession and registrations will be split 50/50 between Boosters and Club Volleyball program.


  • League volleyball – Amy Ostrand and Trisha Wegner have agreed to organize the league volleyball this year.  Will have their update at next meeting.


  • Grill – Pender Implement Request – Denise will let Pender Implement know they will be able to borrow and just go over a few requests we have in conjunction with loaning it out. 


  • Treasurer position  There has been a person show interest in the treasurer position.  Discussion around how best to make the transition.  Ron as agreed to take over the duties in the interim and will work with this individual through the winter on transitioning the duties over.


  • Tailgate Volunteers – Amanda & Jason Huntington are interested in helping at tailgates going forward however will not be available September 13.  Matt T will be available when he is able.  The only issue we have will be when Terry, Chris and Ron leave at game time for lines/announcing etc. 


  • Other business –Amanda & Jason Huntington were present at the meeting and are willing to sell their dragon/Pender metal art donating a portion of their sales back to the Booster club.  Discussion on orders etc and decided best to display the items, however people will need to drop in at their business at Pender Body & Glass in order to place orders. 


  • Next meeting Wednesday September 25 at 7pm PHS cafeteria.