Meeting Notes for Tuesday 8/6/2013 Meeting



7:00pm @ the Pender Public School


Treasurers Report (Jill Anderson):  Approximately $6,879.07




Pender PHS Open House


  • Boosters will provide hotdogs, chips and bottled water for 500
  • Connie Vogt will organize donated bottled water
  • Debbie and Brian Sorensen will check with Wimmer’s for donated hotdogs – Karen Williams will buy remaining dogs, chips and buns from Sam’s
  • Jill has condiments
  • Terry, Ron and Matt are able to grill and will get the grill from the field
  • Denise will take care of napkins and plates
  • Start time Tuesday August 13 at 5pm. 
  • We do need to spread the word to have other helpers available. 




  • Kelly reviewed shirt orders with the group. 
  • Kelly will have samples available and take orders ongoing vs. having inventory on hand.


Football Games


  • The first home games are Sept 13 & 20 
  • Jill Anderson will visit with Mike Fillipi on buying burgers through him vs. Cubby’s. 
  • Need to solicit helpers for the tailgates this year and then in turn to take over next year.  Discussion that Ron, Terry, Denise and Jill will be stepping back this year and then not being the core members next year. 


Volleyball Tournament – Discussion on hosting a volleyball tournament. 


  • Kelly to check on school availability Saturday September 14.  
  • Kelly will make fliers to spread the word - $65 team entry 
  • Karen to visit with Absolute on t-shirts – 1st place will receive a t-shirt, no medals.
  • The group will visit at the next meeting to see if there are enough interested teams to make this happen.
  • Football boys and volleyball girls discussed for helping


Volleyball League 


  • 2012 we received $1,900 in fees for league, we charged $20 a player and we paid out $891 in shirts plus the income from concession
  • The group felt it was profitable and should be looked at to host again this year. 
  • Denise will reach out to those that organized it last year to see if interested in organizing this year.  Amy Ostrand, Dana Beckman and Trisha Wegner
  • Football boys and volleyball girls discussed for helping



Sprinkler Donation


  • The bill has not been received for sprinkler system. 
  • The bill will be discussed by the school board and then will be presented to the Boosters. 
  • Boosters have committed to a $9,000 donation.   


Next Meeting – Wednesday September 4 7pm PHS cafeteria