Minutes  1/4/2012 Meeting




Start at 7:00pm @ the Pender Public School


Treasurers Report (Jill Anderson):  Approx $10,000

Jill is having issues with online access to the account.   She is working with Charter West to resolve.  We need more than one person to be able to access the account and Jill and Ron will work with Charter West to ensure Boosters can do so.    




NE NEBLeague Information (Ron)

Schedule – How long and Needs  - Games will start January 15 for four Sundays.  1stgame starting at 11:30 with the last game starting at 5:30.  Playoffs will be Saturday and Sunday 2-11 & 2-12


There are approx 28-29 teams. 


Photo Day – Jane S – Sunday 1/29 Will need extra parent/Booster help this day to help monitor halls, photo location etc. and help Jane as needed


Concession Coverage (Bartlett) – Brenda Bartlett will provide a schedule of who will be working the concession.  Debbie B is helping her as well as Pam Peters.  It was also decided to increase the amount of donation to the post prom group $1,000 to $1,500.  Once the initial set up has been covered with the group on 1-15, the post prom parents working the concession will be responsible for setting up each week, taking down and cleaning up of the concession stand.  Note – the schedule has been received as of 1/9/2012. 


Concession Restocking – Who / Whom?  Jill will purchase items needed for the concession and handle the money bags as in the past.  She will be there on 1-15 to help post-prom with set up and explain what needs done weekly going forward.   


Gate Coverage – Who / whom?  An offer has been made to Lauren K and the Pender Flames to cover gate for $500 donation.  Lauren has agreed to cover gate half of the dates available for half of the donation.  The Flames will cover gate on 1-15, 1-22 and Saturday 2-11 for half of the donation or $250.  It was mentioned the cheerleaders would possibly be interested in covering gate for a donation as well.  Denise will update the group once this schedule has been finalized.     


Referreeing – Scorekeepers – Clock (BB Teams) – Greg Conroy  Helpers will consist of boys, girls, Jr. High, JV & Varsity.  Two gyms will be used and a schedule will be provided. 




Ron shared the logo with the group- all agreed on the logo.   Teams did not have to purchase shirts this year provided they had their own reversible jerseys available.  Ron has shared all information with the coaches regarding schedules, times, photo day etc. 


It was also discussed that each Pender team will be notified that they will each be responsible for clean up on one of the days of league.  Jill will forward the list to Ron and he will pass this information on to the Pender team coaches to let their parents know.  A list of clean up items will also be provided by the Boosters to the parents/coach responsible each week.  Each group will be expected to stay and help clean up gyms, hall ways, bathrooms etc. once.  This will help ensure we can keep this league in Pender and not have to take our teams out of town to play ball. 


1/15 – Pender 5thgrade boys

1/22 – Pender ¾ grade girls

1/29 – Pender 6thgrade girls

2/5 – Pender 6thgrade boys

2/11 – Pender – JJ’s team

2/12 – Pender – 5thgrade girls



Review 2012 March Blowout Information

Possible committee coordinators


Concession – Jill Anderson, Michelle Fendrick, Jane Jacobsen, Cindy Sebade


Trudy Kramer expressed interest in helping cover the Hospitality room.  Jill will work with Trudy and others to go over what this will involve.  We will also ask several other individuals to help cover with Trudy (possibly 3rdgrade parents?) More discussion needed. 



Score updates/brackets updating etc during the tournament – Kevin Fendrick


Omelet Feed – agreed that we will do the Omelet feed again on Saturday of the tournament.  Denise will reach out to several individuals to see if interested in being in charge. 


Donations/Advertisements – Denise will reach out to several individuals to see if interested in handling


In regards to advertisement – ads in the program – full page $50, ½ page $25, ¼ page $15 and business card size $10. 



SPECIAL ITEMS – custom basketballs etc – new ideas for this years event?


Items discussed – possible water bottles for all players with 10thAnnual logo. 

Group also agreed to custom made basketballs again this year for door prizes as well as to sell.  Ron will handle. 


Will extend offer to Lou’s again to be present during the blowout.  All agreed to allow early online t-shirt orders on be available on the Booster website.  No changes to the fees etc in regards to the Blowout tournament.  Any team in the Northeast NE League will be offered a $10 team rebate.  Ron will handle e-mling and mailing all information out to the teams.  



Set dates for actions items


Next meeting January January 25th


Concession stand – Jill    


Michelle Fendrick and Jane Jacobsen have agreed to run the concession stand again.  Cindy Sebade may also be involved. 


Update web site


Need Shawn to update some information online or provide link to do so internally.  Ron will get in touch with Shawn and share information with Denise as provided. 


Adjourned Meeting @  8:00

Next meeting 1/25 7:00 School Cafeteria