September 7, 2011 Minutes


Wednesday 9/7/2011 Meeting Notes


Start at 7:00pm @ the Pender Public School


Treasurers Report (Jill Anderson):  $8,630

$4,000 has been paid towards the Basketball teams’ shooting gun.



  • Craig and Darlene Weborg have donated 50 #s of hamburger.  Jill Anderson to work with Weborgs in lining that up. 



  • Home game this week.  Derwin Roberts will come to help grill when Chris, Ron and Terry do chains for game. 



  • Kelly stated she is hoping the 2nd order of clothing comes in Thursday September 8th.  Sales have been great so far.  



  • Kelly has organized and sent out the welcome packet for the NE Nebraska volleyball league.  It has a team roster, individual sign up sheets, rules and information for the coaches.  She has several teams interested already.  It is a possibility that Amy Ostrand will oversee.  Dana Beckman will also help when her team is not playing. 



  • It was discussed and decided to offer to the boys and girls basketball teams to run the concession stand during the NE Nebraska V.B. league for a flat donation in order to help the teams pay for their shooting gun.  Weeks involved would be October 2, 9, 16, 23 and playoffs October 30th.  Jill will need to look at last years records to see what the concession stand brought in, in order to make a monetary donation to the teams.   Kelly will visit with Larry and Terry will talk with Andy to see if they are interested. 




  • Kelly shared the letter that was drafted to be shared with the basketball coaches from the Booster Club in regards to the donation of $4,000 that Boosters will make towards the shooting machine.  Everyone agreed the letter looked great and Kelly will forward to the coaches.  
  • The letter simply suggests that in return the boys and girls basketball coaches and teams be available for scheduling refs/clock keepers/score keepers during the NE Nebraska BB League starting in January.  On a side note, a meeting should be scheduled prior to the league with the BB coaches and assistant coaches to discuss what exactly is expected and communicate clearly. 



  1. Details, dates  League will start the first Sunday in January.  Registration will go out in November.  Ron will handle this. 



  1. Discussion was held in regards to the Booster Club becoming a 501C non profit organization and if the Pender Summer Rec could be included in an umbrella under the Boosters?  The group decided to allow Ron to pursue.  He said there is a way to do this online for approx  $600-$800.  Ron W and Michelle Soll will work together on this as she has some knowledge concerning 501C status as well. 


  • Jill stated the Angie Rabbass has volunteered to help/take over this duty.  Jill will work with Angie on turning over the duties.  It was also discussed and agreed to increase the amount spent per coach/assistant coach/student/player/student manager from $7 to $10 apiece. 



  • Ron gave Jill letters for the volunteer coaches for the fall sports.  Jill will send the thank you letters with $50 charter bucks to each coach.   Ron will e-ml the template letter to Jill and she will mail to each volunteer coach as the season/sport approaches.



  • Kelly brought up the desire to kick Homecoming up a notch or two after meeting with the Student Council.  The following items were discussed and approved.


  1. Boosters will pay to hire a Hypnotist to come to the school during Homecoming week to entertain the student body.  Cost should be approx $600.  Kelly will line up. 
  2. Boosters approved to purchase 500 spirit towels to hand out free of charge to students and fans before the Homecoming football game.  The cost is approx $1.50 apiece.  Kelly will handle. 
  3. Boosters agreed to organize and line up a spirit auction.  A real auctioneer will auction off a team signed volleyball, team signed football, a boy and girl team signed cross country t-shirt as well something signed by the girls golf team.   This can possibly be done at the field after the game while the students are getting ready for homecoming.   Kelly stated there may be extra balls at the school to use.  Suggested to contact Dale Nelson to run the auction. 
  4. Boosters also agreed to donate ½ of the funds made during the spirit auction to the Pender Student Council. 
  5. Boosters agreed to host a fun run during the week of Homecoming.  Melissa Hansen and Dana Beckman will work with Dusty and Corky to organize.  It was also decided to donate all funds earned during the run back to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Mr. Krusemark’s child has Cystic Fibrosis and this would be one way Boosters can help make a difference. 
  6. Boosters also offered to take over and run the pep rally Thursday night.  Melissa Hansen to organize.  She will communicate what is needed and if another meeting is needed strictly for Homecoming activities. 


SOCIAL 9/23/2011

  • Karen will let Doug and Susie Schrieber know about the Booster Social.  We will not bring food in, but order from the grill if available. 


Adjourned Meeting @ 8:30pm


Next meeting Wednesday September 28 7:00 Pender Public School – cafeteria